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Top 5 BFCM Deals at Amazon for Cats (#5 is half off)

cat playing with cat toy

The top 5 current deals on Amazon for cats are listed below.

Before jumping into that, we will update this page frequently throughout the month, so check in often for the latest and greatest deals at Amazon for Black Friday / Cyber Monday (BFCM) and the holiday season.

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0) BISSELL ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Plus

What a freaking deal – nearly 30% off this Pet deep cleaner by Bissell.

Get it now while supplies last.

List Price: $308.99
Deal Price: $218.84

1) Fresh Step Crystals Health Monitoring Cat Litter, Unscented

Second to cat food, if you have a cat, you need litter unless you’re like the guy I know down the street who trained his cat to use the toilet.

If you’re not “that guy” you need litter like the rest of us, and what better time to score some than…Black Friday? Yup! Amazon is killing it with a deal that has been continuing throughout Cyber Monday Week!

Grab some at nearly half off before its too late.

An incredible deal at 43% off!

List Price: $27.99
Deal Price: $15.84

2) IRIS USA Top Entry Cat Litter Box

A pretty good deal at 25% off!

Speaking of litter, you may need a fresh litter box for your Fresh Step Cat Litter…we’ve got you covered.

If your cat is flinging feces all over the place, this top-entry cat litter box is just what you need. In and out, keep all of the litter in the box, and make your house a cleaner place.

List Price: $39.99
Deal Price: $30.00

3) Happi N Pets 28″ Large Size Cloud Cat Scratching Post with Bed, Cat Tree Tower

After Mittens moves her bowels, she’ll need to get some energy out (so she doesn’t end up stuck up a tree) with this Cat Scratching Post slash Cat Tree Tower. It has birds and fish hanging from the top that she can bat and stalk around until her little heart is satisfied.

It even has a nice soft bed up top if she’s small enough for a nap afterward.

A pretty good deal at 24% off!

List Price: $35.99
Deal Price: $27.19

4) Love’s cabin Round Donut Cat 20″ Cushion Bed

The deals at Amazon for cats continue with this lovely bed!

If Mittens is too small to fit a top the scratching post, then grab a soft, elegant cushion bed, where she can snuggle up and warm up during the winter months.

A good deal at 16% off!

List Price: $20.99
Deal Price: $17.59

5) EINOOR Professional Pet Grooming Kit with Vacuum

We save the best for last here at Zoomie Pets with an Amazing 55% off of this Pet Grooming Kit!

Good for both cats and Dogs, this grooming kit has you covered to make sure your animals are at their best for when Uncle Eddie shows up unannounced in the RV!

List Price: $139.99
Deal Price: $62.99

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